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Registration is usually started by the second week in June and will run through the 1st week of July. Ages 5-12 years old or Kindergarten - 8th grade. Returning players are allowed to go to the previous team or move to a different team to follow a sibling football player etc.

Practices will run the same time as football with the same guidelines. We encourage coaches to practice at the Jack Rock McDowell Park. This makes it more convenient for parents who have multiple children practicing. Practices usually will start the last week in July (this is set by the MWBFL) and our Commissioner will update these timelines to us.

Cheerleaders are required to purchase their own cheer uniform. On the sign up form you can choose to purchase a new uniform or not. Uniforms have to be purchased by July 31st so if you are wanting to purchase one and participate in cheer you have to by July 31st. Cheerleaders are to be present for EVERY GAME that the team has. We play/cheer in the rain just not lighting or thunder.

Games run from Labor Day weekend until about Halloween.

CHEERLEADING: Cami Minton 614-419-9540