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Attitude, Effort, and Teamwork


West Jefferson Youth Athletic Association Inc., ("WJYAA") Coaches play an important role in the sporting life, but also the everyday life, of the participants they coach. Coaches influence the development of sport-specific skills and sporting performance, and also the participant’s development as a person and their approach to other aspects of their life. While at times it can be challenging, coaching is also a very satisfying role.

To be an effective coach, you will need a number of skills. A coach needs knowledge of the sport, but more importantly, they need to know how to pass that knowledge onto the participants they are coaching.  To do this, a coach needs skills in:

  • organizing
  • observing
  • analyzing
  • adapting
  • communicating
  • improving performance.

Coaches should:

  • be a good role model for the participants
  • show enthusiasm and enjoyment for the task of coaching – make it fun!
  • be self-confident, assertive, consistent, friendly, fair and competent
  • ensure the safety of all participants
  • behave ethically and dress appropriately
  • maintain discipline throughout the session
  • be very organised, not only for each session but for the entire season
  • be able to justify, if necessary, why things are being done, or be ‘big enough’ to ask for suggestions when not sure and to admit and apologize when they make a mistake
  • treat everyone fairly, and include participants of all abilities and disabilities, ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds.

Do you have a coaching philosophy?

A coaching philosophy will include aspects such as:

  • how the coach communicates
  • will the coach encourage athletes to ask questions and take some responsibility?
  • will the coach seek to remain up to date and improve their coaching knowledge and skills?
  • how behavioral issues will be dealt with
  • will the coach include everyone, irrespective of ability or background?
  • the coach’s emphasis on winning, losing and cheating
  • promoting respect for others

Reminder- WJYAA makes no promises to a coach of our leagues, sports or events of a coaching spot. All final coach decisions rest with the recommendation of commissioner and the final approval of the WJYAA Board. For every sport, every season a coach is required to complete a volunteer application and turn it in as requested on the form in a timely manner. All WJYAA volunteers interacting with youth are required to go through training, sport educational courses and pass a background check.

WJYAA reserves the right to choose a better candidate to fill a coaching spot. All spots become open so everyone must apply for a coaching spot and a committee or the WJYAA will choose what the best interest is for the kids. While WJYAA appreciates all coaches that are dedicated, we hope all coaches know WJYAA will always do whats best for the kids.

Coach or Volunteer Application  

Coach Selection Policy 

Background Check Policy

Protect Youth Sports - Background Check Link

Code of Conduct

WJYAA Bylaws

Certifications Required to be completed or up to date

Coaches should email the acting President or contact the sport commissioner. 

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