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Basketball Signups not open at this time 
Basketball Evaluations will be held on the following date:

(Student parking entrance 1 Roughrider Dr)
* Junior Boys 
* Junior Girls 
* Senior Girls
* Senior Boys 

Please wear gym shoes, comfortable clothing, bring water. and like our Facebook page review the site for various bylaws and policies.

WJYAA Facility Usage Practice Rules:

  • Remember if school is closed then teams are NOT allowed to practice. (This goes for all snow days and Holidays). Weekend games canceled due to inclement weather will be reported to NEWS or posted on website. Everyone needs to enter and exit for practice through the BACK DOOR of the schools. Don’t make special request of the custodial staff to enter other parts of the building they can’t, and we’ll hear about it. Even though the doors maybe unlocked, you should not enter Norwood before 6:00p; NO ONE is to enter the school before this time! There are only a few practices at the Middle School however all practices at Middle School end at 9:30 and Norwood will end at 9:00 pm. Please make sure you reiterate to parents that they not drop kids off and leave the premises unless verified that the coach is on site.  Make sure when practices end, kids are all with a parent or guardian before you leave the school. No one should be at the school more than 10 minutes prior to their practice time. Coaches won’t expect kids to be 30 minutes early to a practice, JUST BE ONTIME! Put all your trash in the provided containers. Parents need to ensure the practice and game areas are cleaned up, make sure your team’s messes are taken care of don’t be a litterbug and leave your seat or surroundings littered.    
  • Practices are for the players and coaches NO SIBBLINGS OR FRIENDS allowed.
  • If parents wish to stay for practice, they must stay in the gym and all other children under their supervision must be with them at all times. If the children exit the gym, that parent leaves with them! Make no mistake if there are issues such as parents letting children run the hall, bounce balls in the hallway or play in the restrooms etc. may be subject for disciplinary action by the board. WJYAA could have film study with the principal and parents whom choose to violate this rule maybe subject to disciplinary action such as loss of, suspensions or a more serious disciplinary measure such as indefinite banishment.
  • We only lease the gym and restrooms, there is to be NO HALLWAY ACTIVITY AT ALL outside of going to or from these two rooms! NO BALL BOUNCING, SKIPPING, RUNNING, JUMPING ETC. IN THE HALLWAY! ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED IN THE GYM! No Portable Coffee Mugs or cups, Water only in bottles. When practices are over, make sure the balls are placed back in the ball bag and placed, Middle School in the equipment room and Norwood by the doors under the scoreboard. 

Wearing Apparel - 
A uniform, consisting of a shirt and shorts will be provided for all players. Uniforms will be distributed at the first game. Please arrive a few minutes so you and your team can get uniforms and we can make sure fees are paid by this time.   

Attitude - Please be advised that rowdiness, horseplay and back talk will not be tolerated at either practices or games. Disciplinary action will be taken against any player not abiding by this rule. This also includes bouncing basket balls or other horseplay in the hallway.

Parent /Coach Participation Required – After each game the expectation is whether your team is the home team or the away team, we have an obligation for participating in WJYAA Basketball this season. Fees could be a lot higher however they are budgeted lower, considered in a manner that you are assisting by volunteering and successful fundraising. Please coordinate with your parents that you need help with concessions or book or clock. 

You can repeat this to parents: If you are going to participate in WJYAA this is how it has to be! The expectation is that The HOME Team needs 2 people to work BOOK AND CLOCK THE GAME AFTER YOURS.  (if you don’t know how to do this the coach or WJYAA will teach you it is simple) The AWAY Team need is one ADULT to WORK CONCESSIONS during the game after yours. It’s your responsibility to show up not be sought!

Tobacco and smoking policy – WJYAA have a no smoking policy within the bylaws. School property is no smoking you should be off the property and away from the building if you must smoke. Tobacco usage which includes smokeless tobacco is prohibited and usage inside the buildings will be grounds for immediate removal of the parent. Due to the severances of the offence and that this jeopardizes WJYAA leasehold with using the school facilities, a harsher punishment such as a permanent banishment from WJYAA should be expected on anyone whom violate this.   

By-Laws and policies - While the coach is fulfilling volunteer coaching duties please understand WJYAA has adopted many policies and procedures in place. These rules must be followed by all participants to allow this organization to operate in a manner to its fullest potential. As a parent or spectator in WJYAA you are expected to ensure ALL rules are being followed by yourself and people associated with you. WJYAA Bylaws are enacted to ensure safeguards are in place to protect our young athletes and ensure everyone abides by the rules or there are harsh consequences.

Often times people let their emotions get out of control which they say or do crazy things.  Our by-laws have a zero-tolerance policy and you must maintain composure in front of children.

Expect swift action from the WJYAA Executive board if you choose to conduct yourself in a manner which is less than expected. Please remember if you are ejected from a game you are automatically suspended for 7 days from any games or other activities of WJYAA. Be very careful when addressing or communicating to game officials or board members. For a complete listing of our rules and bylaws please visit our website at; while at the schools we must be very diligent and ensure these rules and policies are followed. You should also treat the school staff with dignity and respect at all times.

Please talk about these rules with the players, your children and the rest of your family that will be entering the leased facilities we offer to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If any player or parent has any questions, please do not hesitate to discuss it with the assistant coach, or head coach. You may also contact any WJYAA Executive Board member.

Practices: Practice times are crazy at the gyms. Over the Christmas Break there is no school practices. You must cancel your practice through the system if you need to cancel practice. Please make sure you alert all parents if you cancel a practice.  

WJYAA Website or Face Book and like our Facebook page review the site for various bylaws and policies.

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