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Attitude, Effort, and Teamwork

2023 WJYAA Football League Rules

                                                                                                                       2023 WJYAA Football League Rules


1)     Pee Wee/FIag Rules (Refer to Flag Football Rules)

a.      Games 12:30; Peewee size ball to include Nike Pee Wee

b.      No player shall be beyond the 2nd  grade level to play on peewee with exception during the 2018 playing season as being a transition year. Players that have played in LMRVL clubs in 1st grade PW tackle have the option to play up to JV during their 2nd  grade year. This is at each clubs discretion.

2)     Weigh-Ins

a.      Official weigh-ins will be conducted on two (2) separate occasions (pre-season and for playoffs), with all dates and times to be determined by the League Officers. A scale certified as to accuracy should be used for all weigh-ins. A club representative must be present for their weigh-ins.

b.      JUNIOR VARSITY: Weight limitation of 110 lbs. for any player who lines up in an eligible offensive skill position. Skill positions are QB, RB, and TE/REC  Players OVER this weight limit shall have an "X" placed prominently on the back of their helmet.

i. On defense, "X" players may play any position but must be in a down position if they are within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped (no blitz).

c.       VARSITY: Any varsity player who lines up in an eligible offensive skill position may not exceed 135 lbs. Skill positions are  QB, RB, and TE/REC  Players OVER this weight limit shall have an "X" placed prominently on the front & back of their helmet.

i, On defense, "X" players may play any position but must be in a down position if they are within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped (no blitz).

d.      Any program caught taking the "X" stickers off of a player who is over the weight limit is subject to the following penalty(s):

i. Head Coach and Player are suspended for at least 2 games.

ii, No Post Season participation for that year or next, depending on when the infraction occurred.

3)     JV and VARSITY; JV Ball can be a Junior Size Ball

a.      The league shall be governed by the "Modified OHSAA Rules" for play and penalty with the exception of playing time, football and jersey numbers.

b.      Football Sizes:

Junior Varsity: Pee Wee Size (except Nike Pee Wee) ii. Varsity —Junior Size

c.       Game Start Times:

i.       Junior Varsity should begin following PW Flag games, with a start time of 1:30PM. JV games shall be four quarters of eight (8) minutes each, with a twelve (12) minute half time. Half time may be less if agreed to by both teams. The junior varsity game shall be played first.

ii.     Varsity will play four quarters of eight (8) minutes each, with a twelve (12) minute half time. Half time may be less if agreed to by each team. The varsity game will start after the JV game and shall begin at 3:30PM. The Varsity game can begin earlier if agreed to by both teams. The opposing coach shall be notified of and agree to any exceptions prior to the start of the game.

iii.   Game times are subject to change and should be communicated to the teams involved and the league for updating the schedule.

d.      Both JV and Varsity games will convert play to a continuous clock when a team is thirty (30) points ahead of another team.

e.      The playing field shall be regulation size. 100 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide.

f.        At least two (2) licensed officials must be present to officiate before a game may start. The preferrable number is three (3) licensed officials; however, no contest can continue with less than two (2) licensed officials.

g.      Official time is to be kept on the field by two officials.

h.      In the event of a tie, untimed overtime periods will be played under OHSAA Rules. Each team will be given the ball at the ten (10) yard line and given four (4) untimed downs to score. The second (2) overtime period will be conditional upon the score still being tied. The team that goes first will be determined by a flip of the coin. The coin toss winner will be given the option to choose the first attempt or select the direction. During the regular season, if at the end of the second overtime period the score is still tied, each team must pass on the 2-point conversion during 3rd overtime and so on.

At the time the referee signals the ball ready for play, the team has thirty-five (35) seconds to put the ball in play by a snap of the ball. The penalty for delay in putting the ball in play is five (5) yards. In Division JV and Varsity Tackle, the Offensive Coach will be given one (1) warning, with a penalty imposed on the second delay.

i.         NOTE: During the first three games it will, at times, take longer for young players to get organized and get the ball into play. The thirty-five second rule is intended to speed up play. There is normally no intent to delay play by these young players. If, in the opinion of the game officials, delay is intended, the officials may stop the clock until the ball is snapped.

j.        There is no limit to the number of "X" players a team can have on its roster but each Head Coach is responsible for making sure he/she has enough Non-"X" players for skill positions.

k.       All penalties will be assessed according to the OHSAA rule book.

l.         Each team will be allowed three (3) timeouts per half. Timeouts not used in the first half cannot be carried forward to the second half. Timeouts will be one (1) minute in length. During a game, the clock will stop in accordance with the OHSAA. This will include, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

i. Following an injury, penalty, incomplete forward pass. ii. Ball out of bounds iii. Following a score iv. An official's timeout

v. At the end of each period

vis A charged time out

m.    During a timeout only one (1) coach is allowed on the field

n.      An injured player must be removed from the playing field for at least two (2) plays. An injured player is one that the coach has tended to on the playing field or sidelines outside of the coaching box or the official has sent to the sideline. No exceptions will be allowed to this rule.

o.      Unlimited substitutions are allowed in this league.


a.      In JV & Varsity, teams must punt.

                    i. JV: Dead Ball Play

1.      Active Players are the Snapper, Punter, and maximum two (2) Returners.

2.      Less than 30 Yard Punt

a. If the ball does not travel more than 30 yards, the ball will be walked off 30 yards from the line of scrimmage; however, it cannot be placed inside the 10 yard line.

3. Greater than 30 yard punt

a. If the ball travels more than 30 yards, then the yardage is the result of the punt prior to being downed by the returning team. The ball CAN be downed inside of the 10 yard line on a greater than 30 yard punt ii. Varsity: LIVE Play

1.      The ball is "downed" by either rolling dead or being "downed" by the receiving team or touched by any opposing team player.

2.      Fake punts ARE Allowed

3.      The punter can be any player regardless of weight; however, they cannot advance the ball on a broken play or fakes.

4.      The Center is protected on any punt formation during the initial line charge, and no contact may be initiated by the defense until the Center is in a position to protect himself.

b.     The punter MUST be at least 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage when the ball leaves his/her foot. Violation of the rule is 5-yard illegal procedure violation.


a.     There shall be no kickoffs in any division. The ball will be put into play on the thirty-five (35) yard line except after a safety, at which time; the ball will be placed at the forty (40) yard line. Note: Time will start on the snap rather than on the ready for play signal.

b.     There shall be no kicking game in Flag. JV & Varsity Tackle may kick field goals, which will count as three (3) points if made. JV & Varsity may kick extra points after a touchdown (PAT), which will count as one (1) point if made.

c.      Points after a touchdown may be scored in JV and Varsity Tackle as follows: iii. A successful running play for a point after— 1 points. iv. A successful pass play for a point after—2 points.

v. A successful interception/fumble return by the defense— 2 points.

1. A successful Point after Attempt (PAT) — 1 point. da JV (PAT)

a.      The attempt will be treated as a dead ball play with a full opportunity to exchange a snap from the Center to the holder, and one kicking motion by the kicker.

b.      Active players on the play are the Snapper, holder, and kicker.

c.       Kicker can be any player regardless of weight

d.      The offensive line must simulate proper (PAT) blocking through the duration of the play, NO '"fakes" are permitted.

e.      The spirit of this (PAT) attempt is to acclimate the youth with the special team's aspect of football. A place holder will be given leeway to collect a snap from the center and place the ball in position for a kick attempt.


a.     VARSITY is a LIVE Field Goal for both sides of the ball. The kicking team must line up in a standard kicking formation.

b.     Fake field goals ARE Allowed

c.      The kicker and holder can be any player regardless of weight; however, they cannot advance the ball on a broken play or fakes.

d.     The Center and place holder are protected on a field goal formation during the initial line charge, and no contact may be initiated by the defense until the Center is in a position to protect himself,


a.      An intercepted fumble, pass, or lateral may be advanced by any player, An intercepted fumble (one that has not touched the ground), pass or lateral may be advanced by any player.

b.     A defensive player may advance a fumble/interception regardless if they are an X or NON-"X" player.

c.      There shall be no more than six (6) defensive linemen & no less than four (4) defensive linemen on the line.

d.     Any defensive "X" player must be in a down position if they are within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped (no blitz).

                      i. This rule does not apply between the ten (10) yard line and the goal line that the defense is defending.

                      ii, The defensive team is permitted to have eight (8) men on the line in this area.

                      iii.     Violation of this rule shall be considered a five (5) yard dead ball penalty.

                       iv.     Repeated violation of this rule can result in an unsportsmanlike penalty and removal of a coach.

e. The defensive ends/outside linebackers who are up on the line of scrimmage are able to be in a 2-point stance as long as they are not a player. If they are over the weight limit, they must have their hand in the ground prior to the snap of the ball.

 f. Defensive players must be set for one (1) second before the snap of the ball. The spirit of this rule is to allow the referees time to check for obvious attempts to draw the offense offside; not to penalize the defense for arbitrary movement within the line and will be enforced as such.

g.      Offensive formations will be limited to the standard seven-man line. Unbalanced lines are allowed. However, to be an eligible receiver, the receiver must be a Nonplayer.

h.     There is no free blocking zone in this league, There is no blocking below the waist. There will be no blocking from behind or below the waist. Blockers cannot lock limbs with other blockers. There is no "low-high" blocking in the zone.


a. In an effort to ensure a competitive and successful season, teams with JV participation numbers lower than sixteen (16) players may bring down 5th graders to play JV with the following stipulations:

A maximum of three (3) 5th graders can play down on JV; however, the participation numbers cannot exceed sixteen (16) participants when adding 5th graders on JVs Those 5th graders will be identified during weigh-ins and must be noted as such on the weigh-in roster. ii. Players must not weigh more than 1351bs iii. Must play on the Interior Offensive Line (Guard or Center) or Interior

Defensive Line (not Defensive End) iv. Players may have a "League Designated Sticker" placed on the back of their helmet to signify they are in 5th grade playing down on JV

v. Game day participation: 5th graders playing on JV can also play on Varsity for that game day; however, they can only play a maximum of six (6) quarters on the day. Participation in any offensive or defensive play during a quarter, of any game, equals one (1) full quarter of play.


a. Players must play for the team jn their school district/school they attend. An exception to this rule is as follows:

i. If there is more than one program in a specific district. There must be clear residential boundaries established prior to the start of the season. A copy of

the specific boundaries must be provided to the league for transparency. No kid will be allowed to play for a team outside of those boundary lines. 

b. Any further requests for exceptions must be brought to the league for a vote.


a. Coaches/Players/Spectators conduct shall be governed by the following:

No one shall engage in any extensive physical contact with players.

         ii. No one shall use foul or abusive language toward anyone associated with the league, on or off the field of play, at formal league functions, etc.

         iii.  No one shall use or be under the influence of, tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs (illicit or over the counter) during practice, games, and at league functions.

          iv. No one shall give players instructions that are contrary to the rules. Coaches/Players/Spectators will address officials on a properly courteous manner. (Officials will address coaches/spectators in a properly courteous manner also.) vi.     Coaches are responsible to make a serious effort to control any harassing or threatening behavior from their players or fans. If any player/spectator fails to comply with proper behavior, he or she may be removed from the game and the field at the discretion of the Director of Football, or his designee. If any adult fails to comply with a coach or league official's request to maintain appropriate conduct, he or she may be removed from the field at the discretion of the Director of Football, or his designee. This may include being asked to leave, escorted off the premises by a league official or by the appropriate law authority.

          vii. Due to the nature of this league (youth football) and what we are trying to teach our youth (good sportsmanship, on and off the field), we will practice


             viii.  Anyone ejected from a game will be suspended for one game. This includes coaches, players, and spectators.

               ix. Anyone ejected/suspended for (2) games will be suspended for the rest of the season. They may appeal their suspension to the League representatives which shall hear the appeal at the earliest convenient time a majority of League representatives can participate at the same time. Only one appeal shall be permitted. The appeal shall be administered by the League, affording due process to all interested parties.

                 x. A coach under suspension for any reason shall have no contact with their team, either at practice or at league games.

                 xi.  There is no recording of the games from the sidelines. Violations will be brought to the Board for discussion & potential suspensions.
                 xii. Maximum of five (5) coaches on the sideline during each contest.

                 xiii. Any program caught taking the "X" stickers off of a player who is over the weight limit is subject to the following penalty(s):  Head Coach and Player are suspended for 2 games No Post Season participation for that year

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


Parent Football Information 


Important Dates

 Registration signups will Start around May 6th and will be closed by July 5th
We are accepting football applications starting May 1st. for potential coaches.

WJHS Sponsored Biddy Camp - 

July 14th- Evaluations

July 21st-Draft

July 29th-Practice Begins

August-Practice Continues

August 21st -School Begins

August 24th-Opening Weekend

August ? –Picture Day

October 19th-Chili Bowl Weekend

All Coaches for the West Jefferson Youth will have the following….

1.  Filed Application to WJY

2.  Background Check

3.  CPR Course

4.  Lindsay’s Law Completed

5.  Head, Neck, and Spine Injury Instruction

6.  Attendance of Coaching Clinic

7.  Signed Coaching Contract with WJY  

Guidelines to be followed by Coaches

Practice Times

Week 1 Conditioning and Instruction July 29th-August 2nd

Div II-2 hrs

Div I-1 Hour 45 Minutes

Instructional-1 hour 30 Minutes

Week 2 Practice August 5th-9th (2 full contact/2 non-contact)

Div II-1 hour 45 minutes

Div I-1 hour and 30 minutes

Instructional-1 hour 15 minutes

Week  3 Practice August 12th-16th 2 Practices (1 full contact/1 non-contact)

Div II-1 hour 45 minutes

Div I-1 hour and 30 minutes

Instructional-1 hour 15 minutes

Flag-1 Hour

What to expect….

Teams will be based of grade not age K/1-Flag, 2/3-Instructional, 4/5-Div. I, 6-Div II

Organized Practices not exceeding times listed above

Once school begins 2 practices a week one contact and one non-contact

Positive and Encouraging Coaches

Instilling WJY Core Values in all participants (Attitude, Effort, and Teamwork)

Proper instruction of Blocking and Shoulder Tackling

No Tackling Drills with more than 5 Yards between athletes

Every Athlete will be coached and every athlete will play the amount mandated by the MYFL

Pairing of similar skilled athletes for drills

Uniform: Parent's responsibility to provide: Football pants with pads (white for games), Protective cup and Football cleats. WJYAA provides each child with a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, and first mouth guard.

FOOTBALL: John Koehler 614-580-0508

CHEERLEADING:Cami Minton 614-419-9540  (See Cheerleading Page)

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