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Attitude, Effort, and Teamwork


As an agency we strive to give a little back, shooting “action sports photography” throughout the community. We love sports, and the spirit of competition. Players, cheer, coaches, family, friends and volunteers are all to be honored alike. We hope you enjoy our shots as we celebrate the “Glory Days!”

Larry Gessel with Gessel & Associates volunteer their time for various sporting events or other events within our community and around Madison County. Larry is a Volunteer Photographer for West Jefferson Youth Athletic Association Inc. As a volunteer working around the kids, he is required to the various policies and rules on WJYAA youth volunteers. Some requirements are background check and required to sign a volunteer contract with the organization. He doesn't get paid a dime for what he does,  which if a photographer was hired for what he does, It was quoted an easy $6000 or $8,000 and he does it all for free!

Be sure to check out some of the picture products Gessel & Associates can assist you with, you can always call and see if he can assist you with better insurance needs.