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Aug, 2019

Big Six Fundraising and Field Requirements and Expectations

Dear Park-goers, Spectators, Friends, Parents, Participants, Officials, Coaches,

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING: We are currently in a very, very busy event period of the organization which requires ALL HANDS-ON DECK. Football and Cheer-leading has started and very soon volleyball will be started. Important Organization Fundraising such as Ox Roast (big six/tractor) Fundraising, 50/50 drawings or raffles which are required.

Big Six Fundraising Saturday, Sunday and Monday -Running of the Ox 5k- HELP NEEDED

  • Log on to the SIGNUP GENIUS TO VOLUNTEER or call or text Mindy 614-284-1975.
  • We still have open stops and need volunteers to cover at the Big Six. No training is required, once you show up if you don’t know how it operates it takes no more than 5 minutes to learn the game.
  • Visit our website at to get up to date information

Field Requirements and Expectations

  • The STOP-SIGN as you leave the Jack McDowell Athletic Complex (Converse Park) is NOT being followed. Everyone exiting the park is required to stop at the stop sign which oncoming traffic isn’t required to stop. Traffic to your right as you leave has a stop sign. Be patient leaving the park as there are kids walking as well. You might also save at least $150 on fines/cost of a ticket. 
  • We expect you to enter the park in a safe manner utilizing safe speed limits not exceeding 5 or 10 miles per hour. Leave enough space for an ambulance to enter through the gate by the concession stand. If you block the way, injured folks may be delayed needed medical assistance by the squad.
  • Do not throw garbage or trash on the ground or leave unattended while you are moving around the park activities.
  • Please utilize the various trash containers at the park location
  • If the trash containers need emptied take a pride of the community and either let a board member know or offer to empty the trash can.
  • The area in front of the bleachers are off limits to stand and watch the game. Cheer Leading area is directly in front of the bleachers, please be polite and use manners if you have to leave or enter to the bleachers. If you need to get on the other side of the bleachers to watch the game along the fence, go around the bleachers. 

Many Thanks, 
West Jefferson Youth Inc "WJYAA"