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Apr, 2019

Get Your Helmet Game Ready

The West Jefferson Youth Inc., "WJY", would like to give our community the opportunity to have their child's personal football helmet reconditioned and recertified for the upcoming season at a reduced cost. If you were to send your helmet to a company, it could cost you $100 or more to have it recertified and painted.

We are able to cut the cost to $45 dollars by organizing a group rate. If you have purchased your own helmet and are planning on having your child use it for the upcoming season, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to help keep your child safe and protected. It is possible for an older helmet to fail testing and not be recertified thus the helmet would not be able to be worn by your child. If you are interested in reconditioning your childs helmet for $45 dollars, please call Jerry Fitzpatrick or John Koehler to make arrangements to get the helmet before April 24th.

4 Steps to have a Reconditioned and Certified Helmet
1. Call Jerry Fitzpatrick (614) 563-7734 or John Koehler (614) 580-0508 The WJY will send it away for Inspection-the helmet will be evaluated by experts.
2.Reconditioning and Recertification-includes cleaning, sanitizing, painting (if needed), inspection, repairsand NOCSAE Certification.
3.Play-the helmet will be returned fully reconditioned, recertified and ready for the season.\

Reasons to Recondition a Football Helmet
1.Safety-know that the helmet your child is wearing is in proper working condition.
2.NOCSAE Certified-peace of mind that the helmet is safe.
3.The helmet will be cleaned and sanitized.
4.The WJY could deem a personal helmet unacceptable for use if the helmet has not been recertified or is deemed unsafe by equipment manager.
5.The color of the helmet will match the new helmets purchased by the WJY.
6.Its cheaper than buying new.

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