Rec & Learning Hall


October 2014 The Galbreath Hall which is where the West Jefferson Youth Athletic Association “WJYAA” operated out of for many years was torn down. In the early 1980's John Galbreath gave the WJ Village $20,000 which was used to purchase the building from the Jefferson Township Trustees. The association’s athletic equipment and other items were stored in the Galbreath Hall along with it provided a place for practices and other events for the children and the community. While the Village administrators during this time sought ways to remove the hall, The West Jefferson Youth Athletic Association was evicted and informed to remove property owned by the WJYAA. The only person that offered to help the youth without hesitation was Russ Miller and his family just east of West Jefferson and they allowed us to use a huge portion of his llama barn for our equipment and we held monthly meetings at a local Church. Almost a yearlong attempt to raise funds to purchase a building (The Deer Creek School) beside the Red Brick Tavern which is valued well over what it was listed for $129,000; we were able to have a London resident come forward and loan us the funds to purchase the building, the seller discounted the building down to $62,000. The West Jefferson Youth Athletic Association with the help of this private citizen was successfully able to purchase the Previous Deer Creek Elementary School building on December 31st, 2015. The building needs some minor renovating on the inside and out in order to start facilitating youth events and offering the building up for the community to use it.



Letter about the new building from President John Stanley, Jr.