September 18, 2018

WJYAA Soccer and Football Housekeeping

This is just a reminder the space at converse is being utilized at a high capacity. The area has turned into a nice athletic complex and we are busting at the seems on fields and parking for everyone. We appreciate everyone helping to respect the park and be a community volunteer and help us keep the area clean and neat at all times. When entering the park, there is not a posted speed limit, however you should not be going over 10 MPH. There are a lot of little kids, people throughout the parking area at times and we do not want anyone getting hit.

1) Whether your watching a football or soccer game or practice please pick up any trash that is lingering throughout the fields. It is not common to see trash laying all over the place, If you see a trash please pick it up and throw it away. If a trash can that is over flowing bring it to the Football or Soccer Commissioner or a WJYAA Board Member so we can take care of it before we leave the day.

2) The parking at converse gets a little congested at times. There are no parking lines or markings for an orderly parking fashion at this time. However it is expected and appreciated to park your vehicle with common sense so that it is not blocking a gate or entryway or in the way of other cars. If you do park and block an entry way by the concession stand or the chain entry way on the black top area you could be towed as those entry ways are not only walking entry ways they are for emergency vehicles as well.

3) Be courteous of homeowners if you park in the residential area. Do not leave trash such as cigarette butts, beer cans or park in the way of the driveway.

4) There is absolutely no alcohol beverages of any kind allowed in the park at any time. The police will be alerted for any violations to this law.

5) There is absolutely no smoking allowed within a 20 feet distance of another individual.

6) There is absolutely no Concealed to Carry Permitted at any of our games or practices except by a Law Enforcement Officer.

We thank you for participating in WJYAA! Please cascade this message to other relatives that maybe visiting the park for football or soccer so there are no surprises. Especially if a WJYAA representative orders them to move their vehicle, calls the police when they are driving to fast at the park or walking in with an ice cold beer in a large cup.