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WJYAA Football

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Teams Age Groups are as follows:

Flag: 5 - 6 by Aug 1st
Div I: 9-10 years old by Aug 1st
Instructional: 7 - 8 by Aug 1st
Div II: 11-12 by Aug 1st

Coaches will be asked back to the league upon recommendation from the board and the number of teams in the league. A coach or their assistant shall not make an assumption that they will coach the following season or in another WJYAA sport. It shall be up to the sport commissioner with executive board approval to extend the coach and invitation to coach. The assistant coach is subject to approval by the commissioner and the executive board.

IMPORTANT: WJYAA executive board will no longer allow players to be moved or forced into a draft if returning to the same league as the previous year. If there are issues to be considered then the request must be brought to the executive board at a monthly meeting or in writing to the president or football commissioner prior to the draft. It is essential to know that the full executive board must meet and hear the reasons before a decision to authorize the move will be final. Otherwise you may assume that if the child is returning to the same league and the coach is returning the player will go back on that team.

Uniform: Parent's responsibility to provide: Football pants with pads (white for games), Protective cup and Football cleats. WJYAA provides each child with a Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Socks, and first mouth guard.

Practices: Practices usually starts the last week of July (set by the MWBFL) The first 2 weeks are unlimited conditioning only every day(with helmets). They go into unlimited contact practice then once school starts within the district we will go to 2 practice times a week and walk through Saturday morning.

Games will usually run from Labor Day weekend until about Halloween.

Players are to be present for EVERY GAME/PRACTICE that the team has. We play/practice in the rain just not lighting or thunder.

Since we are an all volunteer organization there are responsibilities that need to be completed if you are participating in WJYAA. Parents are to help with the scoreboard, line after their game. They are also to signup for concession workers after their game. If you don't plan on helping in the concession or with scoreboard then please don't sign up.

FOOTBALL:  Jerry Fitzpatrick 614-563-7734

CHEERLEADING: Cami Minton 614-419-9540